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Flawless (FL) and Internally Flawless (IF) Clarity Grades

See the imperfection in the diamond below?

No you don't. It's *Flawless*. A 2.04ct D color, Flawless, GIA XXX Hearts & Arrows Cut to boot!

As defined, Flawless diamonds have no internal inclusions or external blemishes when examined under 10x magnification. However, that doesn't mean a Flawless diamond is always absolutely flawless. The gemologists at GIA have determined that as long as a diamond is flawless under 10x magnification, even if you can find a minute imperfection at greater than 10x magnification, legally, the flaws don’t exist. And more likely than not, if you can’t find it under 10x magnification, it doesn’t exist. Flawless is the rarest grade of diamond clarity. The Flawless and the Internal Flawless (IF) grade together constitute less than 1% of gem quality diamonds in the world. In the world of diamonds, rarity = value so you can expect to pay a premium for Flawless and Internally Flawless diamonds. 

It is important to understand that while Flawless and Internally Flawless diamonds are rare, their purity does not necessarily contribute to their beauty. A diamond can be free of imperfection yet still not brilliant. Brilliance and diamond optics depend strictly on the cut of the diamond.

If you'd like to learn more in depth information with photomicrographs about the VVS1 and VVS2 grades click here The VVS Clarity Grades

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