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Use Coupon Code 20off To Receive 20% Off Select Jewelry Items


General Questions

What's included with my diamond purchase?

With every Round or Square Hearts & Arrows diamond we include a Hearts & Arrows viewer and for all diamond purchases, we supply a 10x loupe. With every diamond and diamond engagement ring purchased from Good Old Gold, we supply a full printed appraisal that contains a detailed description of your purchase, all of the analysis featured on the diamonds web page in printed form, pictures of the diamond and or engagement ring, the original lab certificate and an appraisal value for insurance. You also receive your receipt.

*Please note: Good Old Gold will supply a free appraisal that includes all the diamond and setting information on items purchased from us. For an additional fee of $75, items not purchased from Good Old Gold and are supplied to us by the customer can be added to the appraisal.

Are your diamond's Kimberly Act compliant and do they come with a Kimberly Act certificate?

We guarantee all of our diamonds are conflict-free. Since 2004, every diamond that enters the United States falls under the Patriot Act, which in turn enforces the Kimberly Accord overseas. At this time, there are no official Kimberly Certificates, only provenance reports which are traded at a wholesale level. Once the rough is purchased and the diamonds are confirmed clean these certificates are then disposed of. Some companies will provide a birth certificate for their diamonds, however, these certificates are generated by the supplier and are taken at face value. If you would like to learn more about this, I would suggest that you drop an email to Neil Beatty at as he is more intimately familiar with all the details of the Kimberly Accord and has studied the subject in depth.

The diamond that I am interested in did not score well on the HCA, should I look for another diamond with a better score?

We understand that the HCA is a convenient and popular tool to use, however, we would never use this tool to eliminate or choose diamonds for our inventory. By only using the HCA tool, we would miss out on a significant amount of rare and beautiful diamonds. The reason why we do not use the HCA tool is that it is only a predictor of light performance. The tools that we use here in our lab like the ASET and DiamXray viewers, take a live analysis of the diamond which is a far more accurate way to determine the optical performance. While the HCA tool does have some positive attributes, the number of limitations that it possesses makes it an inaccurate tool to use for such an important purchase. Please read this article that explains the HCA fully. A Consumer's Guide to the HCA .

Do you buy jewelry?

Yes we do. We will buy most jewelry at the current scrap price. Because of the fluctuating metals market our scrap prices change on a daily basis. Depending on the piece of jewelry being sold we may offer you more than the scrap price.

Can I trade a diamond in that I didn't purchase from you?

As a general answer we would say it depends on the diamond. There are two options that we offer. First, if we are interested in purchasing the diamond, after getting some information from you about the it, we can make you an offer. The second option is that you can leave the diamond/ring with us on consignment and we will try and sell it for you. For details about consigning a diamond or ring please contact us.


Pricing and Payments

Is there a Pricescope Discount?

Good Old Gold Inc is both a bricks and mortar and an internet jewelry store. Customers that visit our store may not be familiar with Pricescope and we feel that it is unfair to these walk in customers to offer a discount to others that are members of a certain web site. Because of this, we offer all of our clients a discount. This discount is reflected in our bank wire price of the diamond. We are confident that our prices are in line with our competitors, are fair for the quality and for the services provided to you, our customers.

I need a diamond fast; can I make payment using a credit card then later wire the funds and have my credit card refunded so that I can get the discounted bank wire price?

No. Our bank wire price is less than the credit card price because we are not subject to additional fees when a bank wire is used as payment. Since there are no additional fees, we pass those savings on to you. Once we process a charge card, regardless of if the card is refunded; those fees are charged to us and are not refundable.

How to make a Bank Wire Transfer?

Making a wire is very easy to do. You will have to check out with a diamond using the "Bank Wire" payment option. Once the checkout process is complete, the wire information will be available to you. All you need to do is bring this information to your bank and tell them how much money to transfer. The bank may or may not charge you a small fee to make the wire. Once the wire is sent it will take approximately 12-24 hours to post as a cleared transaction on our side. If you are currently a Bank of America customer you can deposit the funds directly into our account at no fee.

I live in New York and will be paying cash; do I still have to pay tax?

Yes. No matter the payment method, we have to collect New York State sales tax on all orders where the point of delivery is within the state of New York.


Shipping (Domestic)

During shipping, is my ring and diamond insured?

Yes. Every package that leaves Good Old Gold is fully insured during transit. This insurance terminates once the package is signed for at the point of delivery. Please note that Good Old Gold will not ship packages out without the customer's knowledge and we will discuss the shipping arrangements with you prior to shipping.

When do I receive the tracking details for my package?

The tracking details are emailed to you at some point after the label is created

Do I have to be home to receive the package?

Yes and no. We send out our packages using the FedEx signature release option of "Direct Signature". FedEx will accept a signature from an adult, not necessarily you, residing at your residence. If you live in an apartment building or a complex with multiple housing numbers, FedEx will attempt the delivery to your specific apartment or unit number. If no one is there to sign for the delivery they will not leave the package at your door, will leave a note and will re-attempt the delivery the next day. If delivering to your residence is not possible we can send the order to a FedEx location for pick up.

I am paying with a credit card and want to have my package shipped to a shipping address that is different than my billing address. How can I do this?

When making payment by credit card, our insurance company will only allow us to ship the item to the billing address on the credit card. If you would like to send the package to a location other than the billing address you will have to call the phone number on the back of your credit card and tell them that you would like to "Add an Alternate Shipping Address" to the comments section on your card. Then you will need to call us with the cards phone number and card account number, so that we can call the card company to verify the addition of the address. If we cannot verify that the address was added to the card, we cannot ship the package to that location.


Mounting Questions

How long will it take for my mounting to arrive in your store?

Depending on what ring company is making your mounting, it could take anywhere from one week to six weeks for the ring to be completed. Ask us for the specific details.

Can you tell me what the difference is between White Gold and Platinum?

For white gold to be white there are other metals added. Rhodium is used to make a gold ring white as gold is naturally a yellow metal. For white gold to be white it must be mixed with other metals. Common metals such as silver, zinc and nickel are used. White gold is a harder metal then Platinum and is not as dense, so when it is scratched it will loose content. Platinum is a naturally white metal. It is more dense then gold, which is why it is heavier. When platinum is scratched, it will loose content like gold but instead scratch and move the metal. Both white gold and platinum require some kind of maintenance in the long term. Platinum requires a polishing to bring it back to its like new condition and white gold requires a polishing and rhodium plating to bring it back to its like new condition. White gold may also need the prongs to be re-tipped due to ware as well. An inspection of the ring will determine this.

We are not sure about the finger size that we need. How can I tell what her finger size is?

One way to find out her finger size is you can ask her friends. Another way is that you can visit a local jewelry store and get her finger sized. If we are working with you on a setting we can send you a plastic finger size gauge to get her correct finger size.

What If I order the wrong finger size?

If it turns out that you ordered the wrong finger size we can usually re-size it depending on the design and how far up or down we are sizing the ring. Sometimes this can incur fees. Please keep in mind that any time a ring is altered from its original state you can compromise the ring's design and integrity. We encourage all of our customers to find a way to provide the correct finger size before placing the order.

Is there a security difference between four prong and six prong mountings?

Yes and no. Both four prong and six prong mountings will offer virtually the same security with holding the center diamond. The only real difference between four and six prongs would be that six prong mountings cover more of the exterior of the diamond, making it more difficult to have something come in contact with the girdle of the stone.

If I am not happy with the ring I purchased from you, can I return it?

Outside of the center diamond, all engagement rings are non-refundable and non-returnable because they are customized items, this means that the ring is made or altered specifically for the measurements of the diamond that's chosen and your particular finger size. We do want our customers to be happy and we will try to be accommodating with any particular situation if one presents itself as best as we can.

Can you please update me on the status of my mounting order?

When we order the setting for you we will give you a projected time line that is given to us from the ring designer or company. Because we have so many orders pending at one given time, it is difficult to update each customer along the way. If you would like to know what the status is of your order please contact us and we would be more than happy to update you.

Can you appraise my engagement ring that was not purchased from you?

We can appraise jewelry. This is a service that we offer to mostly our in store customers. For customers that are not local to Good Old Gold, the fees that are associated with the round trip shipping and the appraisal can be rather costly, along with the stress of sending the item through the mail. This is why we would recommend for you to bring the item to a local appraiser. To find an accredited appraiser near you click here


International Questions

I am an international customer and would like to use my credit card for purchase, how can I make payment?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept international credit cards at this time over the internet. All of our international customers must use the "Bank Wire" payment option when checking out with a diamond. International bank wire transaction can take 2-3 days to show as a cleared transaction in our system.

I live in another country; if I purchase a ring from you can you make the commercial invoice state that the item is a gift so that I can avoid the taxes and duty fees?

No. We follow all rules and regulations that are required by law regarding the classification and declared value for all of our international shipments. Some countries have a free trade agreement with the US and the purchase will qualify to be duty free, although your local taxes may still apply once the package arrives in your country. Some of the countries that we ship to regularly are listed on our shipping page here. --> International Tax and Duty Fees

I am an International customer, what can I expect with the shipping process?

We ship all of our international orders using FedEx Priority. Our cost to ship a package internationally is $100. This charge includes insurance for the package while in transit until you take delivery/sign for the parcel. Our shipping fee does not include any other fees such as your local taxes or duty fees. Because we use FedEx as both our broker and carrier when they receive the shipment information they will contact you for the payment of these fees and their administration/handling fee. Depending on customs and your particular location, it can take the package anywhere from 1-7 days or more to reach you after it is shipped.
*Please Note: Because we ship to so many countries worldwide, we are not familiar with all of the tax and duty fees in every country. We encourage all of our international customers to research these fees beforehand so that there are no surprises. Some of the countries that we ship to regularly are listed on our shipping page here. --> International Tax and Duty Fees