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VVS Clarity Grades


The VVS Clarity Grades (VVS1 & VVS2)

VVS is the abbreviation for "very very slightly" included. The inclusions found in diamonds of the VVS grades are considered "minute" by GIA standards with VVS1 having inclusions that are “extremely difficult” to locate under 10x magnification and VVS2 having inclusions that are “very difficult” to locate under 10x magnification.

The difference between “extremely difficult” and “very difficult” is this. In VVS1 clarity, the pinpoint inclusions can generally only be found when the diamond is examined upside down under the microscope.

Figure A shows a diamond in the face-up position. We are not able to locate an inclusion.

Figure A: A VVS Diamond in the Face Up Position


Figure B shows the same diamond examined upside down. We are now able to locate a pinpoint inclusion.

https://www.goodoldgold.com/public/FUSION/brands/skeleton/images/2_vvs_clarity_pic_upside_down_475px.jpg https://www.goodoldgold.com/public/FUSION/brands/skeleton/images/3_vvs_clarity_pic_upside_down_0.jpg

Figure B: The VVS Diamond in Figure A Examined Upside Down


In the VVS2 clarity, where inclusions are considered “very difficult” as opposed to “extremely difficult” to locate, we are more likely to spot the inclusion(s) through the crown. See Figure C.

https://www.goodoldgold.com/public/FUSION/brands/skeleton/images/4_vvs_clarity_pic_magnified_1.jpg width=

Figure C: A VVS Diamond Viewed through the Crown to find an Inclusion

VVS clarity grades appeal to purists as well. Particularly if there are no Fl/IF diamonds available in the cut and color they're looking for, or the IF grade is outside of their price range. In the VVS clarity grades, the diamond is 100% eye clean. One may assume with a VVS clarity diamond that they are no major clarity issues. However, while it is true that this is a rare clarity and it’s quite possible nothing is wrong with the diamond, it is also possible for diamonds with VVS clarity to have surface breaching inclusions that can, over time, wear and nick, particularly if it’s a surface breaching inclusion located on the crown or girdle facets. Surface breaching inclusions can dramatically reduce the diamond’s value. A good gemological appraiser will be able to check for inclusions like that. At Good Old Gold, we check the diamonds we purchase for our clients for such inclusions.

Let's move on to The VS Clarity Grades

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