Consign Your Jewelry 

Welcome to Good Old Gold’s “Consign Your Diamond & Jewelry” service! Here’s how it works.

You have a diamond or jewelry item valued over $1,000 that you would like us to sell for you. You fill out the form at the bottom of this page so we can give an approximate estimate what you’d be able to get for your item. If you are happy with our estimate, the next step is a live evaluation. You can either ship it to us or bring it into our showroom. Once your diamond and/or jewelry arrives in our lab we will analyze it to determine what the actual fair market value is and what you will be able to get in a reasonable amount of time. If we determine that your jewelry needs any refurbishing in order to sell, such as polishing or plating, you will be responsible for the charges.   

We allow the purchaser a 10-day return period, so after the purchase is made and the item is not returned within this period, we will consider the sale final and would proceed with issuing payment to you. 

Please let us know everything that you know about the item.
What would you like to consign?
Loose Diamond, Engagement or Fashion Ring, Wedding or Anniversary Band, Bracelet, 
Earrings, Pendant, etc.*
Item Description. (Please be as descriptive as possible)*
Loose or Center Diamond Details? (Shape, Carat, Color and Clarity)
Do You Have Any Grading Certifications? (GIA, AGS, IGI, EGL, Etc)
Grading Report Certificate Number If Known.
Not a Diamond But A Gemstone?  If So, What Type of Gemstone?
Any Purchase Receipts or Documentation Regarding The Item?
Any Additional Information That You Would Like to Tell Us? 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: How do you determine a fair retail price for my item?
    A: There are many factors we consider when determining a fair price for your items. After we complete our analysis of your item, we look at the market and find similar items (“comparisons”) and see what they are selling for and what type of service that company is offering.

  2. Q: How much does Good Old Gold make on my item?
    A: It varies from piece to piece, but we make anywhere from 15 to 20 percent per item with a minimum dollar amount of $500.

  3. Q: Will you ever deny a piece for consignment?
    A: Yes, we will refuse items for consignment depending on certain criteria.

  4. Q: Will you accept my items as a trade?
    A: We do not accept items as a trade, but we can offer a price to purchase.

  5. Q: What is the safest way to ship my item to you?
    A: United States Postal Service registered mail is the best and least expensive way to get your item to us. If you would like to discuss alternate shipping options, contact us.

  6. Q: Can you tell me what I can expect to get for my item?
    A: Yes, we will agree on the price and the amount you will receive before we list the item for sale.

  7. Q: How long does it take to sell my item?
    A: The time frame varies from item to item but there will always be pieces that take longer or do not sell because of style, desirability, or price. There will also be pieces that sell within a week of listing them.

  8. Q: Will I be contacted when an offer is made on my items?
    A: Yes, if an offer is made, we will contact you.

  9. Q: After the sale, how long will it take for me to get paid?
    A: After the sale is complete and the customer takes delivery of the item, they have 10 days to return it. After the 10-day period expires and the item is not returned, we will issue a check to you.

  10. Q: What if I want my items back?
    A: If you would like your diamond returned back to you within one year, there is a $250 fee. After a year that amount becomes $125. The fee for other jewelry is $100, regardless of when you decide to take it back. This fee is only applied if you take your item off of consignment and does not apply if the item is sold. Return shipping and any resetting fee, if applicable, would also be additional to the fees listed above.

  11. Q: Are my items insured while in your possession?
    A: Yes, consignment items are covered for theft or loss through our Jewelers Mutual insurance policy. If anything happens to your piece, you are covered for the replacement value.