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Diamond Engagement Rings

Characteristics of Diamond Rings

Diamonds are thought of as a stone capable of filling a space with positive energy. What is more, the symbolism of a ring on the third finger of the hand dates back to ancient times. People historically believed that the “ring finger” had a special vein that ran from it straight to the heart, and this symbolized deep love. Diamonds range in color and clarity, and all diamond rings tells a unique story about a couple’s life together. The round gemstone shape still remains one of the most popular because of the way it brilliantly shines all around it. However, square, oval and other shapes have an eternal heirloom quality.

Popular Diamond Ring Collections at Good Old Gold

Beverly K is one designer that we are proud to represent here at Good Old Gold Jewelers. The Halo engagement ring and wedding band collection include rings most likely to become a family heirloom. Both slim and thick bands are offered, and each one is characteristically lined with diamond side stones with the option to add emeralds, rubies, sapphires or other gems. The Beverley K name is also known for its Vintage collection, which offers a timelessness that never becomes outdated while adding sentimental value to each piece. Michael M., a European brand, incorporates heirloom qualities in much of its design. This company’s Princess rings are ideal for a wedding that can make a bride feel like royalty. A choice of round and square settings for diamond rings dominate this collection, and each piece typically has a large center stone. Diamonds or another gemstone usually surround the entire ring band. The Love collection stones, on the other hand, normally have large center stones but with thinner bands than the Princess rings. The Love rings more often not also have diamonds set in the bands.

Why Shop for Diamond Rings at Good Old Gold?

Good Old Gold is located in Massapequa Park, New York and has been in the jewelry business for more than 43 years. Other nearby cities we serve include New York City, Philadelphia and Boston. We take pride in the diamond ring brands and designers we represent.  In addition, we have a diamond concierge program to help you find the right diamond and offer both Synchrony Financial financing and Affirm. Feel free to call us at 516-798-5151 or stop in to see us in person in Massapequa Park or browse our selections found at GoodOldGold.com.