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The August VIntage European Cut

  With the increased demand for vintage cushions, and the popularity of the August Vintage® cushion, we have seen an increased demand for another vintage diamond: the Old European Cut. However, scrutinizing buyers want an Old European Cut with repeatable, predictable, and outstanding optics. 

Our response has been to create the August Vintage® European Cut.

  Interestingly, the very first round brilliant cuts were Old European Cuts (“OECs”) and it was Henry Morse who, with the crude hardware of his time, cut the most beautiful Old European Cuts of his day. His work was later adopted by Tiffany and further refined by Marcel Tolkowsky as the Old European Cuts changed in appearance, primarily by altering the lower half facet length thus creating a more splintery look in rounds as opposed to the softer broader facet pattern of the Old European Cut.
Figure A: An August Vintage Round alongside a Hearts & Arrows Round

The Science Behind the Beauty of the August Vintage European Cut

The August Vintage European Cut is the first of its kind as it was developed using some of the most sophisticated optical technologies of the 21st century.  When developing the August Vintage European Cut, we had 3 requirements:
  1. The most beautiful optics attainable within the OEC facet structure.
  2. The best spread possible when coupled with this beauty.
  3. A level of precision in cutting that only the best cutters in the world could achieve. 

In other words, the finest Old European Cut the world has ever seen. And we have accompli