A Summary of our Diamond Cuts

Good Old Gold's Ascendancy™ Hearts & Arrows Round Cut diamond is a trademark that has specific quality features that are unique in the world of round ideal hearts and arrow diamonds. The diamonds that fall in this category first have to portray a perfect hearts and arrows precision pattern. Specific proportion tolerances are also required. Diamonds that are GIA graded have to make GIA Excellent Polish, Symmetry and Cut. At the same time they also have to make AGS' Ideal Light Performance grade as well demonstrated through the AGS PGS analysis chart posted on each web page. Diamonds that are graded AGS have to make AGS Ideal Polish, Symmetry, and Cut and the diamond has to also make GIA Excellent Cut demonstrated through our GIA Facetware analysis chart posted on each web page. For further information click here to learn. Learn More...

Platinum Select Round Brilliant diamonds have specific quality features in order to fall into this category. This is no ordinary GIA Excellent or AGS Ideal Cut. Platinum Selects have to make both GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal Cut grades demonstrated though their respective lab Report and the other demonstrated through either the GIA Facetware or AGS PGS analysis which will be posted on each diamonds web page. In summary this diamond has to make the best cut grades with GIA & AGS. These diamonds may or may not demonstrate Hearts & Arrows patterning as they are hand selected primarily for their light performance and not necessarily optical symmetry. As such they will always demonstrate excellent results via ASET and FireScope/DiamXray/IdealScope technologies. Learn More...

The August Vintage® European Cuts are a patented diamond that is at this time exclusive to Good Old Gold Inc. Old European Cut (OEC) diamonds were the precursor to today’s modern round brilliant cuts and when executed perfectly display an amazing array of broad pastel colors forming a flower pattern in daylight and strong fire in spotlighting. With the resurgent demand of vintage diamonds we took it upon ourselves to reinvent the OEC using the latest technologies to perfect the optical symmetry and light performance of these diamonds. Learn More...

The Solasfera Diamond is a 91 faceted round brilliant cut. Solasfera sought to take the precision of a 57 faceted Hearts & Arrows round diamond and simply TURN UP THE VOLUME by adding additional facets. This diamond was primarily designed and engineered around three optical technologies. First of which being the FireScope viewer which is used to eliminated all blatant light leakage, second is the ASET viewer which ensures the diamond is efficiently grabbing light from the brightest resources in the environment and third is the GemEx BrillianceScope scanner which ensures that the diamond exhibits superior fire and sparkle. The Solafera diamond maintains the traditional patterning of the traditional round brilliant cut but takes it to a whole new level with the added facets. We stock some Solasfera's here but if you don't see what you're looking for let us know here as we have access to the entire Solasfera inventory. Our Inventory

The Star129 is a modified round brilliant cut diamond designed from the ground up to exhibit the highest sparkle scintillation possible in a round brilliant cut. As stated in it's name the Star129 is a 129 faceted round brilliant cut with all of the extra facets polished on the pavilion. The pavilion facets primarily function as mirrors, kicking back the light that enters through the crown and to say this diamond is nothing short of a fireworks display would not be an understatement. We stock some Star129's but have access to the entire Star129 inventory so if you don't see what you're looking for simply ask!

The Eighternity Diamond is another modified round brilliant cut which features 81 facets and is designed to increase the brightness of the round brilliant as well as increase fire and especially scintillation events when observed in spot lighting. This it accomplishes well, particuarly by the inclusion of 8 "diamond" shaped facets on the crown and 2 adjoining pavilion mains along the primary mains. A certain limited number of these exist however we can custom cut any diamond into an Eighternity upon demand.

The August Vintage® Cushion diamonds are a patented diamond that is at this time exclusive to Good Old Gold Inc. Old Mine Brilliant (OMB) cut diamonds were the precursor to today’s cushion cut diamonds and were at first cut with wide broad facets which contained the shape of a Maltese cross under the table. With the resurgent demand for vintage cut diamonds we took it upon ourselves to reinvent the OMB with modern optical technologies to perfect the optical symmetry and light performance creating what is the world’s first patented Old Mine Brilliant cut with AGS Ideal Light Performance. Learn More...

The August Vintage Star® Cushion diamonds are our second patented cushion. The difference between these and the first August Vintage Cushion is that instead of an illuminated Maltese Cross under the table the diamond forms an illuminated broad star pattern and added scintillation in spot lighting. Watch the video on the side to see the differences. Learn More...

The Platinum Select Vintage Cushion diamonds are a vintage cushion diamond demonstrating very good light return through our ASET® and DiamXRay imagery and videos. These are rare and hand selected from a world full of heavy leakage crushed ice type cushion diamonds on today's market. Our Inventory

The Platinum Select Modern Cushion diamond is our hand selected cushion cut diamonds that have the strongest light performance available on the market. These cannot be proven through a cut grade from AGS as most cushion cut diamonds on the market are GIA graded. When we are hand selecting our Platinum Selects we will demonstrate it’s superior optics via ASET® and DiamXRay technologies as well as HD video comparing it to ordinary cushions. Our Inventory

Brellia Cushion Hearts & Arrows diamonds are the original patented Hearts & Arrows Cushion cut diamond with a Hearts & Arrows patterning akin to that of their round H&A counterparts and are genuine cushion brilliant cuts as opposed to their imitation cushion modified (attempted) copies. These diamonds are graded by AGS with their rarest Cut Grade (Ideal). This is an awesome combination if you are looking for a Cushion cut diamond with the optics of the rarest round brilliant cuts.
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The Octavia Asscher is the worlds first square step cut diamond designed for superior optical performance. Regardless of what lighting environment you bring the Octavia into and even if you're comparing it to the best quality round brilliants the Octavia holds its own against ANY Ideal cut. The Octavia achieves AGS Ideal Light Performance in each and every diamond and to believe em ... you'll have to see em. While we do stock some they are available for cut on demand as well. Our Inventory

The Solasfera Princess Cut is the only branded princess cut on the market that is consistently cut to exhibit predictable optics from diamond to diamond. While these diamonds are GIA graded each one we've tested (with the exception of very few) have exhibited AGS Ideal optics and even those that did get a "1" still have the best and rarest optics we've observed in princess cut diamonds to date. In the past it was hard to be able to compare princess cuts with the brilliance and fire of the rarest rounds but Solasfera has changed the game with these absolutely amazing diamonds. We do feature some in stock but have access to quite a bit more. Contact us if we don’t have what you’re looking for.
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Platinum Select Princess Cut diamonds represent the rarest unbranded princess cuts on the market as we will personally hand select them for optics using all of the gemological tools that we available to us in our lab. Most princess cut diamonds on the market are GIA graded and do not possess a cut grade. Utilizing our intricate knowledge of light performance grading for fancy shapes we will personally hand select those princess cuts that exhibit the highest brightness, fire and scintillation as well as confirm AGS Ideal optics. On top of this we also show our clients via HD video how any princess cut they select from us will perform alongside of commonly cut alternatives. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our private reserve contact us and let us know what you want and we’ll hunt one down for you.
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The Ideal2 Hearts & Arrows Radiant diamonds are a patented and branded cut cornered square shape exhibiting the precision of Hearts and Arrows but in the radiant cut and are the only diamonds of their kind. These are also AGS Ideal Cut graded diamonds which exhibit the highest optics for brightness, fire and scintillation for the cut cornered square shape. They are super brilliant and have a very clear square appearance not mistaking it for another shape. Numerous videos will show this in a real life setting to know your preference. We do feature some of these in our private reserve but have access to more so if you don’t see what you’re looking for Contact us here.

Platinum Select Asschers, Ovals, Marquise, Pear and Radiant cut diamonds are our Hand Selected diamonds that we source for a requested carat weight, color, clarity diamond. Upon request we’ll hunt down the best diamond available shape for our potential clients using our technology and customer service through real eye and video viewing, and using the ASET® and DiamXRay imagery. We demonstrate to the potential buyer why this is the exception and not the ordinary. Our Inventory