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Shape & CutGIA  Cut GradeAGS Cut GradeSpecifically Hand Selected For BrillianceAnalysis/PicturesAdditional Info
Ascendancy Hearts & Arrows RoundYesYesYesYesTrue Consistent H&A Precision
 Platinum Select Round Yes  YesYes Yes H&A Pattern 
 August Vintage® Round n/a n/a Yes YesVintage Cut,  Strongest light performance possible
Solasfera® Round n/a n/a Yes Yes Multi-Facet, Strongest light performance possible
 Star129® n/a n/a Select Yes Multi-Facet, Strong light performance
 GIA Excellent Cut Round Yes Select Select Select 
 AGS Ideal Cut Round Select Yes Select Select 
 European Cut Round n/a n/a Select Select A true antique diamond
 Traditional Round No No Select Select 
 August Vintage® Cushion n/a Yes Yes Yes Vintage Cut, Strongest light performance
 Signature Modern Cushion n/a n/a Yes Yes Cut for the strongest light performance
 Premium Vintage Cushion n/a n/a Yes Yes Vintage Cut, cut for brilliance
 Modern Cushion n/a n/a No Select 
 Cushion Hearts & Arrows n/a Yes Yes Yes Cut for the strongest light performance
 Platinum Select Princess n/a Yes Yes Yes AGS Ideal light w. top polish & symmetry grades
 Premium Select Princess n/a Yes Yes Yes AGS Ideal light performance

 Solasfera® Princess

 n/a n/a Yes Yes Cut for the strongest light performance
Signature Asscher n/a Yes Yes Yes Cut for the strongest light performance