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GIA Facetware Report


Sarin Technologies Ltd. 
Introduction: As you skim through our diamond selection you may notice this and other similar reports that say GIA Facetware or Sarin® Report. The question may arise on what this is telling me. I’m going to explain why this matters and the differences between all of the reports.

There are 3 kinds of reports generated by our DiaMension® machine. The AGS PGS, the Report for Modified Shaped Diamonds, and the GIA Facetware.

The GIA Facetware:

Fiqure A: A GIA Facetware Report Created by our DiaMension® machine

The purpose of the GIA Facetware report (shown in Figure A) is to be able to reasonably determine what GIA would say about a diamond’s cut grade and symmetry if it were sent to the GIA diamond lab. When a diamond is scanned in a DiaMension® machine, it generates hundreds of pictures, which compiled together make an exact model of the diamond, as shown in Figure B.

Fiqure B: A Model of a Diamond Created by our DiaMension® machine

Fiqure C: Parts of a Diamond

The model gives us the average measurements of each part on the diamond (ie. table %, total depth, crown angles, etc, See figure B.) These numbers are calculated into GIA’s range and the report will then give the respectable cut grade and symmetry of that diamond. The below chart will show those parameters on what it’ll take to make the Excellent Cut range. All of the parameters have to be met in this range in order to make Excellent Cut.


Excellent Cut


52% - 62%

Crown Angle

31.5° – 36.5°

Pavilion Angle

40.4° - 41.8°

Total Depth

58.5% - 63%

Star Facet Length

45% - 65%

Lower Girdle Facet

70% - 85%

Girdle Thickness

2.5% - 4.5%

Culet off Centre

0.0% - 0.50%

Crown Height

12.5% - 17%

Table/Culet Variation

0.0% - 0.70%


Fiqure D: Model of an Excellent cut Diamond and List of Excellent Cut Ranges


There are various exceptions to the rule that we’ve seen. GIA and AGS have been known from time to time to over right the Sarins scan for various reasons. It’s not necessary to get into these nuance examples here but overall a diamond that is sent to that respectable lab and given the grade officially will overwrite these reports. Remember, these reports determine what that Lab will likely give in terms of cut grading.

All of our Ascendancy Hearts & Arrows Rounds and Platinum Select Rounds have to make the GIA Excellent Cut and AGS Ideal Cut Grades in order to make these brands

Other DiaMension® Machine Reports



A DiaMension® machine generated report estimating what AGS would say about this diamond in cut grade. (This specific report is discussed in the AGS PGS Report Tutorial )




This report is generated for most fancy shape diamonds. GIA doesn’t grade for cut other than round brilliants but the Sarin can produce other reports for other shapes to give us information such as the measurements of a diamond without any kind of grade. This modified report is commonly used for these shapes. Also, modified rounds will be used for this report because GIA doesn’t grade for cut outside of the 57 facet rounds structure. Old European Cut Rounds, Solasfera or August Vintage for example does not receive a cut grade from GIA. AGS however will explore outside of the round brilliants. Brand names in particular (like our August Vintage® Cushions) have been studied upon request to determine if they will give that cut a grade. In recent times AGS Lab have been giving cut grades to Princess Cuts and other various shapes.

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