What you want to know about Diamond Clarity!

Diamond Clarity strictly deals with aspect of a diamonds transparency and particularly as it is examined under 10x stereoscopic magnification with proper dark field illumination as this is where the grading is actually done.

The actual transparency (clarity) of a diamond is determined by examining the internal imperfections (inclusions) as well as external imperfections (blemishes). The examinations takes into account 5 primary features about these imperfections.

  • The size of these imperfections within the relative size of the diamond.
  • The nature of the inclusion (crystal, feather, nick, etc.).
  • It's relief (high or low) in the material.
  • The position within the diamond (ie. in the middle or on the side).
  • The color of the imperfect(s). (ie. black crystals vs white feathers).

How noticeable or not the inclusions are, as examined under 10x magnification will ultimately determine the actual clarity grade assigned to the diamond.

The grades as defined by the Gemological Institute of America are ...

Fl Flawless No internal inclusions or external blemishes.
IF Internally Flawless No internal inclusions but will have minute external blemish(s).
VVS1       Very Very Slightly Included 1       Imperfections which are extremely difficult to locate under 10x. 
VVS2  Very Very Slightly Included 2  Imperfections which are very difficult to locate under 10x. 
VS1 Very Slightly Included 1  Imperfections which are difficult to locate under 10x. 
VS2 Very Slightly Included 2  Imperfections which are somewhat easy to locate under 10x. 
SI1  Slightly Included 1  Imperfections which are easy to locate under 10x. 
SI2 Slightly Included 2  Imperfections which are very easy to locate under 10x. 
I1 Imperfect 1 (1st degree ) Imperfections which are obvious to locate under 10x. 
I2 Imperfect 2 (2nd degree)  Imperfections which are very obvious to locate under 10x. 
I3 Imperfect 3 (3rd degree)  Imperfections which are extremely obvious to locate under 10x. 

Before we get more into any discussion on these clarity grades, first some basic instruction from GIA below on the subject.

Now that we've covered the basics on Diamond Clarity click on the link below if you'd like to go more in depth on this subject. In our in depth tutorial we're going to be showing you lots of photomicrographs taken under darkfield illumination and it's important to learn what the difference is between the photo micrographs we take vs what is currently being offered online. Click here to get started.