Tinted Color Diamonds

When you drop below "M" in color diamonds are then taken out of the "faint tint" category and are now classified as "tinted"... not to be confused with "tainted" as these are still natural body colors and extremely gorgeous when cut right. While most consumers don't consider the tinted color range when it comes to engagement rings there is a growing number of consumers, who after learning about them are making conscience choices for them and it's not just because of their more attractive price points either! Vintage diamond lovers are particularly attracted to these warmer colors as most diamonds traded back in the early 20th century and before were in fact of the L/M/N/O/P etc. color range.

When diamonds graduate down to the yellow variety they take on what could be considered more of a creamy vanilla or antique lace chemistry to it which jives with the whole vintage theme of the older cut diamonds and as mentioned are absolutely gorgeous when the diamond is cut to maximize its optics. The brownish varieties can take on a light rosy pink hue too which is also beautiful as well. Here is how these colors look in the lab when being graded.

Here is the contrast from a D color to an N against a flat white background both face down and face up.

D color alongside of O and then also the fancy brown.

Now that you've learned a great deal about diamond color, now would be a good time to proceed to the subject of Fluorescence as it can impact the appearance of color in diamond.