The VVS Clarity Grades (VVS1 & VVS2)

After Fl/IF grades comes the VVS grades. VVS is simply the abbreviate for "very very small" or "very very slightly" included. The inclusions found diamonds of the VVS grades are considered "minute" by GIA standards with VVS1 having inclusions that are extremely difficult to locate under 10x and VVS2 very difficult.

The general difference between extremely difficult and very difficult is this. In VVS1 clarity, the pinpoint inclusions can generally only be found when you examine the diamond upside down under the microscope. It is possible to find VVS1 inclusions face up under the microscope but as mentioned they will generally have to be found when examining the diamond upside down.

Here is a perfect example. In the face up position we can't find it much less photograph it.

Here is the diamond examined upside down. We caught it.

And closer up at 64x magnification.

In the VVS2 clarity, considered very difficult as opposed to extremely difficult it is likely to spot the inclusion(s) through the crown.

VVS clarity grades also appeal to the purists as well. Particularly if there are no Fl/IF diamonds available in what they're looking for or the IF grade simply takes them out of budget. Of course, in these clarity grades the diamond is going to be 100% eye clean as no human being has vision greater than 1x magnification. :) Before we leave the topic of VVS clarity I would say one thing. There are "experts" who when hearing a diamond is a VVS clarity automatically assume nothing is wrong with the clarity. While it is true that this is a rare clarity and quite possible nothing is wrong with the diamond, it is possible for VVS clarity to have surface breaching inclusions that can, over time wear and nick if that surface breaching inclusion is located on the crown or girdle facets. A good gemological appraiser will be able to check that and it is something we at Good Old Gold check for in the diamonds we purchase and encourage to our clients. Surface breaching inclusions can reduce value in a diamond quite dramatically.

Below is a short video sharing my overview of this particular clarity grade and other practical tips.

Let's proceed to the VS1 and VS2 grades.