Store Policies

Below you will find our current policies on loose diamonds, settings, video requests and deposits on merchandise. Please read it carefully as these are our official policies at this time. If you have any questions or comments about anything on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Loose Diamond Policies

Non-Good Old Gold Stock: Often we will source diamonds from outside resources in the effort to help our clients find what they're looking for. These diamonds have a 10 day return period (determined by the manufacturer). These diamonds generally do not belong to us and suppliers do not want to tie up inventory longer than that.

*Please note that we do not supply the lab certificate for these diamonds until after the purchase is made.

Return Policy

All diamonds either have a 10, 15 or 30 day return period (excluding custom cuts). Diamonds that are returned within their respective return period, will receive a refund of the purchase price paid less shipping and setting* fees. The return period for the diamond begins after a payment is made toward the purchase of said diamond or after you take delivery (assuming you take immediate delivery). Please note that return postage for items being sent back to us is the customer's responsibility.

Please allow up to 10 days for us to process your refund. All refunds will be made by company check.
*Setting fee only applies if set into a mounting.

Good Old Gold's - Diamond Policies*
(Trade Up and Buy Back options)

Diamonds that are included in these policies will be noted on their individual web page. The policies expressed on each diamonds web page supersede the polices outlined here.

One Year Buy Back Policy

All diamonds listed with our "Buy Back Policy" include our one year buy back. We will buy back your diamond purchased from Good Old Gold for 30% less than what was paid (minus the cost of shipping) for one year from the purchase date. If you would like to sell back a diamond that is past this period please contact us. Please note that the original lab certificate and purchase receipt must be supplied for Good Old Gold to honor this policies and return postage for items being sent back to us is the customer's responsibility.. *Restrictions apply

Trade Up Policy

Trade back the diamond that you purchased from Good Old Gold for a credit of the full purchase price paid (less shipping) toward another diamond of equal to or greater in value from your past diamond purchase. The new diamond must be a Good Old Gold stock diamond. If the new diamond has our trade up policies, it too can be traded up again in the future. You must use the same payment type as used to make the original purchase when trading your diamond in for the new purchase. Once you trade up there is no return period or refunds.

1. We may at our discretion buy back a diamond that was previously traded. If you have any questions please ask.
2. Trade up is for a Good Old Gold Stock diamond.
3. Virtual or non stock diamonds are not included and can not be traded up to with this policy

*Our Trade Up Policy is one diamond for one diamond.

*Please note
For us to honor the above policies,the diamond cannot be chipped, burned or altered in any way that is different from how you originally received it from us. If your trade-in diamond is damaged and requires a minor re-polishing to bring it back to its original condition, we may still accept it less the costs involved to have the stone re-polished. If the diamond suffers any loss of carat weight due to the re-polishing the final weight is what will be used to calculate the trade in and with that a new grading certification will have to be obtained. All of these fees would be deducted from the return or credit. We will also deduct the original shipping fee from the first purchase. These policies only apply to the person named on the original receipt and we at Good Old Gold Inc. reserve the right to reject any trade up under our discretion based on but not limited to the above conditions.

Setting Policy

Custom pieces which are specifically modified to fit your center diamond and your finger size are not refundable.

Video Request Policy

As a service to our clients we are happy to shoot a video comparison of the diamonds that you are interested in. However if we have a video of that diamond or of a diamond with a similar cut on file already, we may direct you to that video. If we are unable to point you to a video, we will can create one for you. In addition, if you have checked out with the diamond or a deposit has been made (for US customers) we will create a video for you. If you are reside outside of the United States, you must reserve the diamond that you are leaning towards before we can start the process of shooting and editing a video. This policy does not apply to clients who cover our shipping or transportation fees for securing diamonds to our laboratory for inspection. Customers that are looking at fancy shape diamonds, due to the differences in appearance from diamond to diamond, we always create a video as part of our service.

**Please keep in mind that due to the time involved, we are only able to shoot one video per customer. Because of this, please let us know and include all aspects that you would like for us to include in this one video.

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Good Old Gold Inc, cannot be held liable for any typographical errors contained on this site regarding the description or pricing of any products, services or policies.