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Expert Tips on Choosing a Diamond Your Fiancée Will Swoon Over

Good Old Gold offers striking and radiant diamond cuts made with state-of-the-art technology producing unparalleled symmetry and polish. Read on for more information on some of our most popular cuts and tips on finding the right diamond.

Expert Tips on Choosing a Diamond Your Fiancée Will Swoon Over

Diamonds are forever, and a diamond’s intricate cuts can make that forever bright and radiant. Diamonds have become synonymous with luxury engagement rings over the years. While you can get a variety of diamond shapes at your local jeweler, our famed diamond cuts offer the most brilliance and sparkle.

Since 1980, Good Old Gold has provided Nassau County with breathtaking and luxurious diamond and gemstone jewelry. We offer signature and classic diamond cuts, as well as specialty cuts you can’t find anywhere else.

What to Look For in Diamond Cuts

When shopping for luxury engagement rings, you’ll get to personalize your ring based on multiple factors including diamond shape, cut, size, gemstone, color, and more. A diamond’s cut, however, is the most important factor in terms of sparkle and light reflection.

Before you begin to compare all of your options on a detailed shape and cut chart, you’ll need to understand the difference between each diamond cut. A diamond cut is responsible for the fire, brilliance, and scintillation of the diamond. A well-cut diamond will look striking and dazzling.

A diamond cut includes its number of facets, symmetry, and proportion. All of these elements contribute to the light reflection out of the stone. Diamond cuts are graded on a scale ranging from excellent to poor based on the amount of light a diamond reflects. Analysis of light return and light leakage helps jewelers come up with more attractive options.

Tips on Choosing a Diamond

Ascendancy Hearts & Arrows

Good Old Gold has a well-established and innovative history in perfecting the engagement ring diamond cut. Using state-of-the-art technology to assess light return, light leakage, an overall symmetry in round cuts, Good Old Gold created their remarkable Ascendancy Hearts & Arrows Round Cut diamond.

Ascendancy Hearts & Arrows displays a classic hearts and arrows design consisting of a pattern of eight arrows and eight hearts across the top of the diamond. Not only is this cutting romantic, but it also maximizes the amount of light the diamond can handle. The Ascendancy take on this popular and ideal cut takes artisan craftsmanship to another level.

Platinum Select Diamonds

Similar to the Ascendancy line, Good Old Gold’s Platinum Select Round Brilliant cut gives the diamond a rare and flawless look. These hand-selected diamond cuts are graded “Excellent” by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and “IDEAL” by the American Gem Society (AGS) in terms of cut, polish and symmetry.

While these may be trailing slightly behind the Hearts & Arrows in terms of precision, the difference between their brilliance and fire is unnoticeable. Platinum diamond cuts are geared toward budget-conscious diamond shoppers looking for a high-rated diamond without the premium for precision and proportions.

The August Vintage European Cut

Before the world was introduced to the contemporary round diamond cut, the Old European cut was its trailblazing counterpart. Good Old Gold’s August Vintage Round Cuts cater to individuals with a vintage sense of fashion. We have the first Ideal Cut European Cut Round Diamond!

This vintage round cut features a soft and broad facet pattern. Good Old Gold’s innovative interpretation of the Old European cut features a precise and symmetrical flower pattern with intense fire and brilliance.

A diamond spread refers to how large the top view of the diamond looks. A well-proportioned spread can make a diamond appear larger than it really is. The August Vintage European diamond cut features a decently sized spread without sacrificing the optics and its majestic presence.

The August Vintage Cushion

The modern square princess and cushion-cut diamonds were inspired by the Old Mine Brilliant cut, one of the oldest cuts known today. The Old Mine cut has traditionally held a rustic and handcrafted appeal. The August Vintage Cushion cut from Good Old Gold gives the Old Mine cut a facelift. Using modern optical equipment, Good Old Gold improves on the cut’s symmetry and light performance to bring back this vintage classic with an ideal cut. AGS grades our August Vintage Cushion with an Ideal Cut grade. The first of it’s kind to have both vintage and ideal.

Find Your Ideal Diamond Cut at Good Old Gold

A perfect diamond cut is, ultimately, subjective and based on your personal preference. Learn more about diamonds from one of our friendly and expert team members at Good Old Gold. To start your diamond jewelry buying process, come to Good Old Gold at Massapequa Park, New York. Our in-house jewelers have over 30 years of experience helping soon-to-be-newlyweds choose stunning diamonds to showcase their love. 


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