Diamonds 101: The Parts and Facets of a Diamond

All polished diamonds on the market today have two main portions/parts. The crown being the top portion and the pavilion the bottom portion both of which are separated by what is called the girdle..

The crown has 33 facets in total. Three sets of facets consisting of

  • 8 crown main facets (aka kite or bezel facets).
  • 8 star facets
  • 16 upper half facets (aka upper girdle facets)
  • 1 table facet

The pavilion has 24 facets in total (25 if there’s a culet). Two sets of facets consisting of

  • 8 pavilion main facets
  • 16 lower half facets
  • 1 culet facet (Most brilliant cut diamonds do not in fact have culet facets today).


In essence the traditional brilliant cut diamond has in total 57 facets (33+24) or 58 facets if a culet is present. When a diamond departs from containing these amount of facets they will generally be labeled on Lab Reports as “modified” since more facets were added to the diamond.

Here is a short video about the parts and facets of a diamond.