The Good Old Gold Consignment Service

So you’ve visited the pawn shops.

You’ve visited jewelry stores that purchase and trade estate diamonds and jewelry to get the “highest prices paid”.

You may have even considered or tried selling your diamond online to no avail.

There is an easier, much less complicated way that will guarantee you the most money possible for your diamond short of you trying to sell it for more than it’s worth.

Welcome to Good Old Gold’s newly featured “Consign Your Diamond & Jewelry” service! Here’s how it works.

You have a diamond or jewelry item valued over $2000. Next step is you’ll fill out the form at the bottom of this page so we can estimate what you’d be able to get for your diamond. If you are happy with our estimate the next step is shipping it to us for a live evaluation.

Once your diamond and/or jewelry arrives to our lab we will analyze your diamond to determine what an actual fair market value is for it and what you’ll be able to get. Not only this but we may also recommend steps you can take to even increase its value and let you know exactly by how much.

You may be thinking…. There are other websites that offer consignment. Why is Good Old Gold’s Ultimate Diamond Site’s consignment service the best? We're glad you asked!

  1. Our inventory is not only published here but also on the most popular diamond forum online which is searched over 10k times a day!
  2. Upon request your diamond will be featured on "The Diamonds Channel in HD”, our official YouTube Channel which receives on average between 50 to 60 thousand views per month!
  3. Your diamond will be published with same battery of examinations that all our other diamonds are. This data empowers your potential purchasers with information that is not featured elsewhere on the web. Our clients are accustomed to making the smartest, most informed choices on the web today.
  4. Bottom line … your diamond will get the best exposure on the web with the best quality information possible. It is impossible for your potential client to buy your item with the peace of mind we will provide.
    Other important facts to know.
  5. We are a full service jewelry store in business for over 34 years and your merchandise will also be featured in our store as well.
  6. We’ve been selling online since 1998 and are the Internet’s premier website for diamond information. Google us and you’ll find out.
  7. After the item is purchased, we give our clients a 10 day period for return. If the item is not returned within that period, the sale as final and we will proceed to issue payment to you.
  8. Also see our FAQ's on Consignment after the form below.

If you are interested in acquiring an estimate to consign your diamond simply fill out the form below and hit submit and someone on our staff will give a response within 48 hours.

First tell us a little about you and how we can contact you. Information you share with us IS NOT sold or given to other websites. We respect your privacy 100%.

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FAQ's on Good Old Golds Consignment Service

  1. Q: How do I ship my diamond/jewelry items to Good Old Gold Inc.?

    A: Please do not ship anything until you've filled out the form above and have received an RA# from us. Packages without an RA# will be refused. We must know of and be expecting your package. If you have your jewelry items insured, FedEx or UPS should be fine but you'll want to make sure with your insurance company first . Otherwise if they are not then we highly recommend shipping via USPS (United States Postal Service) registered mail and they will insure your package for the full amount. If you ship via USPS do not tell them what is in the package, just the value you need to insure it for. Overseas clients will just follow the necessary laws in their own country for shipping insured items to the US. If you have any questions you can email.

  2. Q: How fast will my item sell?

    A: Our most popular question! :) Answer: We don't know. Some items we take on consignment sell within 24 hours after publishing. Some take weeks, some take months and in some cases even years. :) The success of sales on the internet are based on supply & demand as well as the amount of exposure. We're going to give it some of the greatest exposure it will get on the web and you can even share the link with friends/family/Facebook page, etc. but we can't control the first part. On average we generally have items sold within 1-3 months.

  3. Q: How long can I leave my item on consignment?

    A: For as long as it takes to sell or until you want it back. We suggest leaving it on consignment for at least 3 months though.

  4. Q: Is there any "fine print" I should be aware of?

    A: Yes. The only thing you need to be aware of with the consignment process is if you send us your items to feature for sale on the web and we spend the capital publishing, photographing, generating the necessary Reports, etc. and then you decide to take the item back there is a non refundable $250 publishing fee + return shipping on loose diamonds and $100 + return shipping on standard jewelry items (not loose diamonds).