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John Weingarten @ 15

Amy at 12 years old, John & Helen
in their very first store.

As the information super highway was beginning to grow Jonathan sought to bring our unique diamond presentation to the masses. What first turned out to be an idea for a video on the subject, it soon turned into an online presentation/website as the files were being collected for a video on "How to Save Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars on Your Purchase of a Diamond". The website was titled "The Ultimate Diamond Information Site" and was launched in October of 1998. It would be the same year we saw the passing of John who is always in our hearts and in whose memory this website is built and dedicated.

Good Old Gold remained in the Busy Bee Mall in Massapequa Park for 17 years from 1982 through December of 1999 when all the vendors there found out only months before that the building was going into foreclosure. With the passing of John and the building going into foreclosure things seemed bleek. The new website started in 1998 was only bringing in a sale a month or every other month and we were down and bewildered. Would this be the end? Oh no ... the good Lord had other plans for us.

In late 1982 J&H would move to Massapequa Park in Long Island and also rename their business "Good Old Gold" since there already was a J&H Jewelry in a nearby town. This new building too was an indoor flea market named The Busy Bee where business would setup small compartments or kiosks except now they went from a mere 2 showcases to 10 plus had showcases on the walls too! :) The indoor flea markets in Long Island and the NY 5 boroughs were very popular during the 1980's (some are even still around) as the rent was fairly low.

Our staff was then expanded from dad, mom, Amy & Susan (my two younger sisters) to now include Aunt Joan, aunt Jan, aunt Maryellen,

From the start of their business dad and mom had a strong work ethic and believed in doing unto others as they would have them do unto them. They didn't make much profit on the jewelry they sold but they put their heart into their work and treated all their clients with the best service they possibly could. Dad and mom were also very personable people and had a knack of making people feel at home around them. Over time the stretch of booths eventually grew into our own large kiosk and even during the hardest of economic times Good Old Gold still flourished amidst fierce competition among jewelers. In the Busy Bee Flea Market there were always around 25 jewelers competing with each other.

John & Helen in their new kiosk in the Busy Bell Mall. 1992

Good Old Gold Inc.: A New Beginning

During our last months in the Busy Bee we happened to get approached by the owners of the new strip center that had opened up alongside of the Busy Bee as one opening just happened to be available in their new shopping center! THIS WOULD BE RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the location we have been for the past 17 years! What's more is that we would be open for business in this new location in January of 2000 only 2 weeks after the Busy Bee closed.

The year 2000 would be a revolutionary year for Good Old Gold Inc. as …

  • We would open our first “store” as opposed to being in an “indoor booths/kiosks”.
  • In January of 2000 we were introduced to AGS Ideal Cut Hearts & Arrows diamonds (diamonds cut with precise Optical Symmetry).
  • In June of 2000 were introduced to the first technology allowing a gemologist to observe light leakage in diamonds (vs light return).
  • Published our first and THE first in depth tutorial on the FireScope and featured FireScope images on every diamond published in our inventory as well as Sarin Reports, Photomicrographs.
  • In November of 2000 acquired the BrillianceScope technology was the first website to feature BrillianceScope results on all round diamonds on our website.

Since that time we have continued to grow in knowledge and have always sought the best and most effective ways to communicate to our clients the quality they are receiving in their online purchases from us. Bottom line … what we are all about is demystifying the online purchasing process and showing our clients all the facts up front with service that is 2nd to none. This is the standard we strive to maintain as we seek to bring our clients the most peace of mind possible. If you'd like to learn a little more about us and meet our team of professional's.