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The diamonds on our site have been personally inspected and analyzed by us. The pictures you see are of the actual diamond. 

**If you can't find or don't see what you're looking on our site just ask us, chances are we will be able to find and obtain the "PERFECT" diamond for you within just a few days.**

**Purchase a setting valued at $2500 or more with us and receive a 3% discount on your diamond with a maximum amount of $750 off.
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We highly recommend that before looking at diamonds for sale on our site, that you read through our educational tutorials, especially our chapters on cut.  We will be using specific terminology describing the different aspects of the diamonds that we feature.  We want you to fully understand the descriptions that relate to the diamonds cut, clarity, color and carat weight.

If you've taken the time to acquaint yourself with the various rigorous tests that we put our diamonds through before we make a buying decision, you will understand how stringent we are when picking our stock of diamonds. Not only are you going to get the most competitive world market prices on diamonds here but you are going to see why they are the price that they are.

NOTE: NO DIAMONDS LISTED FOR SALE ARE CLARITY ENHANCED, LASER TREATED, COLOR TREATED or anything of the sort in any way unless otherwise noted.

*Diamond prices are subject to change without notice.